Main Principles of my Creativity

1. To show true state of society and human souls. 2. To encourage, inspire and lead on the path of love. 3. To feel hearts with joy of nature 4. To be guide of spiritual light Please, do not republish the poems without my permission

Journey to the tomb of Countess and Secret of Life

 Long road that comes from nowhere.
 Walk to the place of somewhere.
 The scorching sun spreads waves of heat
 on the blue of the sky
 and in the breath of the air...

 Ravens are hovering
 and watching us...
 We are on the move
 to the aim of our journey.
  Crystal serenity of heavens is above
 and the yellow of the fields is below
 on the two sides of our way.

 We are going alone.
 There is nobody near us.
 We can only see some traveler
 far away on the distance before us.
 In a few minutes he is not seen.
 Maybe he reached the place of his destination.

 We see great white bridge.
 On the big speed
 Cars are are moving on it.

 The bridge is the life.
 The cars are the events
 of the Earthly existence
 that have its time and limitations.

 We walk beneath the bridge
 and leave it behind our backs.

 Our road has no continuation.
 But we should go further.

 Now we are on the new wide road.
 Here is significant two-way traffic.
 There are even buses and trucks.

 Our thoughts can also move in two ways:
 they can try to r each the future
 and bathe in the reminiscences of the Past.

 Forbidden lake lies
 near our way in the valley.
 It is so beautiful and quiet.
 Flock of geese are swimming.
 Shady trees grow on its banks.

 Our eyes are full of gazing.
 We are enchanted by its beauty.
 But the lake is forbidden.
 It is forbidden for us.

 The  guard notices us.
 He allows us to come down
 to the lake.

 He asks: "Why are we staring at the lake?"

 This lake does not exist for us.
 It is private property of someone.
 It is joy and delight of its owner.

 We inquire the guard
 how to reach the aim of our travel.
 He shows us the way through
 the stinking field.

 It is so unpleasant to go there.
 But we go there.
 The stinking field is misfortune of life
 that has its beginning and the end.

 We pass away the stinking field.
 And now we are on the burnt field.
 The ground is black and covered by ashes.

 The statue of tormented sufferer with rooster
 is between trees.
 One tree is dead and the other is alive.
  Half burnt plum - tree grows near.
 We pluck some its fruits
 and have some rest there.

 Even in the place of destruction
 it is possible to find some refreshments.

 But our aim is not reached.
 We should go further and further.

 We see great mountain and black bull
 on our way.
 It is so curious where do we go...
 It is chained...
 It is not able to approach us.
 We climb on the mountaintop
 and see cemetery of serfs.

 Temporary lives are swallowed by eternity.
 It is the truth.

From the top of the mountain we see the old castle.
 Soon we will reach the aim of our journey.

 We are glad... We should travel only a little.

 We come to the old castle...
 We go around its walls.
 But we are not able to enter the castle yard.

 Two ferocious dogs are its guards.

 We come to the tombs of last countess of the castle
 and discover the secret of life.

 Poetry by Igor Marinovsky

  Drawing "An Italian Landscape with Shepherds" by Friedrich Preller the Elder
 Courtesy National Gallery of Art, Washington


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