Main Principles of my Creativity

1. To show true state of society and human souls. 2. To encourage, inspire and lead on the path of love. 3. To feel hearts with joy of nature 4. To be guide of spiritual light Please, do not republish the poems without my permission

It is Impossible to be Darling for Everyone

 It is impossible to be important for everybody.
 It is impossible to be darling of everyone.

 The world sees importance in money and glory.
  The heavens enjoy purity of mind.

 I know this universe is the place of hardships for you.
 I know your daily life is not festivity.
 I know your pains and bitterness of moments.

 But you survived in spite of every cruel entity.

 You feel struggle of tiny flower in the meadow
 during  severe thunderstorm.

 Your gentle beauty is clean and undefiled.
 Do not allow dirt of evil to blemish your heart.

 Your worth is sincere tenderness for me.
 I am drawn to you
 in the invisible connections of our souls.

 Sheikh ibn Abi Igor Sufyan-Marinovsky

  Drawing "A Young Man Embracing a Girl" by Giovanni Battista Piazzetta
  Courtesy National Gallery of Art, Washington


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