Main Principles of my Creativity

1. To show true state of society and human souls. 2. To encourage, inspire and lead on the path of love. 3. To feel hearts with joy of nature 4. To be guide of spiritual light Please, do not republish the poems without my permission

Meadow of Unfortunate Girl

 Dark cloud and Bright Rainbow,
 What do you do unfortunate girl?
 Plough sadness and sow grief.
 Stop what is the profit from this activity?

 The rue will not spring up at your meadow
 but only the venom and great complains.

 Though sadness will besiege you.
 But you can quietly reap the wheat.

  And among wheat there are poppy and cornflowers.
 They will beautify your work a little.

 Lesya Ukrainka

 Translation and Photography by Igor Marinovsky


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