Main Principles of my Creativity

1. To show true state of society and human souls. 2. To encourage, inspire and lead on the path of love. 3. To feel hearts with joy of nature 4. To be guide of spiritual light Please, do not republish the poems without my permission

Chinese Mushrooms and The Youth

 Cash register girl fled from her every day routine
 in the realm of fake reality.
 She fancied that delightful young man
 from her neighborhood
 who came frequently to the shop,
 was enamored with her.
 When she asked him:
 "For what reason do you go to this shop?
 It is so far from our neighborhood.
 "Such top-notch Chinese mushrooms
 I can just purchase only in this shop."-  It was answer of the youth.

 Poetry and Photography by Igor Sufyan-Marinovsky

 Photo: "On the edge of Forest the house is seen"


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